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Distance Learning

Dear Families, 

Welcome, everyone! We know that many of us are looking forward to staying connected. Below  are links to our online sessions.  We will continue to add different faces as we develop our content.  Happy viewing.

It is time to learn all about pollinators: bees, honey and so much more. These lessons will include a series of songs, a story read of one of our favorite spring-themed books, HWOT activity and more activities will be uploaded tomorrow.  Please join us by clicking the links labeled day 1-5.  We will send out communication daily as we create and organize the content for both our youngest students and our older students.   We encourage everyone to learn something new!


Week 1: Pollinators



Week 1: Monday

Week 1: Tuesday

Week 1: Wednesday

Week 1: Thursday

Week 1: Friday

Week 2: flowers and Pollinators 


Week 2: Monday

Week 2: Tuesday

Week 2: Wednesday

Week 2: Thursday

Week 2: Friday 

Week 3: Save the monarch


Week 3: Monday

Week 3: Tuesday

Week 3: Wednesday

WEEK 3: Thursday

WEEK 3: Friday

Week 4 & 5: Reduce, Reuse, recycle


Week 4: Monday

Week 4: Tuesday

Week 4: Wednesday

Week 4: Thursday



Week 5: Monday

Week 5: Tuesday

Week 5: Wednesday

Week 5: Thursday

Week 5: Friday

Week 6: Space


Week 6: Monday

Week 6: Tuesday

Week 6: Wednesday

Week 6: Thursday

Week 6: Friday


Week 7: Monday

Week 7: Tuesday

Week 7: Wednesday

Week 7: Thursday

Week 7: Friday

Week 8: Dinosaurs 


Week 8: Monday

Week 8: Tuesday

Week 8: Wednesday

Week 8: Thursday

Week 8: Friday


Week 9: Bonus Lesson

Week 9: Tuesday

Week 9: Wednesday

Week 9: Thursday

Week 9: FridAY 


 Week 10: Monday 

Week 10: tuesday 

Week 10: Wednesday




una cola
una cresta 
los restos 

If you have any questions or need some additional support, we would love to chat and answer any questions you may have during our daily support hours: 8 am -1pm.  Our East Point office will be staffed by Ms. Erika and Ms. Alison who can be reached at (404) 768-2111. We can help you with curriculum questions, passwords log-in, and instruction on how to receive available packets at your school.  Good luck today, have fun and stay healthy!