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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is awarded based on financial need, funding availability varies per class and location. Families that are interested in financial aid must complete the financial aid application. The maximum financial aid award is 10% off market rate, click here to view market rates. All applicants requesting financial aid must meet the requirements. Assistance will be granted on the basis of financial need. All fees are to be kept confidential, as they are specific to the individual and family circumstances.

Requirements for Financial Aid

Qualify and apply for CAPS, or be denied for CAPS.

Household Income cannot exceed $80,000.

CAPS Income Requirements

Note: Parent’s applying or enrolled in the CAPS program must meet the income guidelines below which are based on 160% of the 2008 Federal Poverty Level. Parents enrolled in the CAPS program must also participate in an approved activity. For more information, please click here.



  1. To begin submit an Admissions Application.
  2. If you meet the qualifications for CAPS, you must apply for CAPS first, click here to view CAPS Application Process.
IF you meet Qualifications for Caps:
Submit CAPS qualification letter.
Complete and return the CAPS application thoroughly and accurately.
If you do Not Meet Qualifications for Caps:
  1. Submit CAPS denial letter.
  2. Complete the Little Linguists Preschool Financial Aide application, here.

If you feel there are special circumstances that may be a factor in this decision, please provide in writing your explanation along with the supported documentation listed above.


Our staff, based on a thorough review of this application, will then determine financial assistance eligibility. You will be notified by phone, mail and/or e-mail if your application has been approved or if you need to submit additional information. After your application is approved, you will be asked to attend a meeting where you will sign a payment agreement as well as pay the necessary adjusted program registration fees.