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In our preschool classrooms, our school focus on the three basic and essential components for the high quality care, which includes appropriate health and nutrition practices, language immersion and cultural diversity, and creative curriculum and individualized programming.  Throught out the academic year students are turning four and five in these classrooms; the ratio for these classroom is 1:10 during the academic day.  In aftercare, the ratio are slightly elevated. 

First of all, we have a well trained team to ensure the health and safety practices of Georgia child care regulations, which addresses everything from hand washing procedures and sanitation practices for minimizing the spread of infection, to policies for administering medications and guidelines for safe sleeping. Moreover, we have a kitchen that delivers healthy, fresh and nutritious food directly to the classroom table, which includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.

Second, our school values and emphasizes the language immersion and cultural diversity. We provide full-time Spanish immersion and Mandarin class as an elective choice. Our teachers are from different countries, such as Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, Sudan and China .  We respect differences and strive to be culturally competent. We respect children’s linguistic and cultural backgrounds and their diverse learning styles. Moreover, the parents are welcome into their child’s classroom, use the child’s home language whenever possible, and also we  organize special events that include the child’s family members.

Third, our program is based on the creative curriculum map with Monthly themes. Our curriculum is based upon a sound understanding of child development and appropriate practices while taking into account the individual needs and temperaments of each child in care.

Studets take shorter naps at this stage of development and will be offered a quiet time after lunch to rest. We strongly encourage independence and ability to function in larger groups without very much social coaching.  Preschool students will have an opportunity to start the pre-writing and reading skills with Handwriting with out Tears, Word Wall time and trip to the local library.  Classroom centers have much more material to explore math, science, social studies and creative expression. 

Moreover, we have teacher-parents conference to discuss about the school observation and child development, which provides deeper understanding of each child and a basis for documenting developmental progress towards stated goals.