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Tuition & Fees

East Point and Decatur Campuses Tuition


First payment due June for August Enrollment (two payments are due prior to start date).
EFFECTIVE 6/1/2022, Annual tuition amounts (7am-3pm):


 $18,000 for Infant/1's (12 month program);

$16,500 for 2's/3's (12 month program);

$15,000 for Prek-4 (12 month program)

After Care from 3-6pm is an additional $4,500 annually


Note: Monthly tuition amounts reflect payments after the Reservation Fee has been paid.


Monthly tuition

All families are required to have an automated debit bank account or credit card on file and Tuition Express form, click here for Tuition Express form.

Monthy Tuition After $1,500 Reservation Fee
AgeSchool Day
7am to 3pm
Full Day
7am to 6pm
Toddler 2’s / Preschool 3's$1,250$1,625
Preschool 4’s$1,125$1,500


Additional Fees

Disclaimer: All fees are Non-Refundable