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Nutritious foods in class


Farm to Preschool

Your child will be introduced to healthy food options by way of local markets and gardens. By utilizing the vegetables that grown in our very own Little Linguists (LLIP) garden, LLIP strives to educate students on locally grown foods. This we reinforce by the introduction of new foods and vegetables that we always encourage students to try a bite of. To learn more click here.


At Little Linguists we believe that healthy eating is a critical component of physical development. We provide a healthy, well-balanced menu that includes vegan options daily. All meals are prepared by our in-house chef. We use fresh produce at all times and incorporate seasonal harvests from our organic garden into the menu when possible.  Each lunch is to provide a nutritious options for students to grow and develop.


Your child will learn about plants and foods through their gardening experience here at LLIP. Gardening is an important part of out LLIP culture, each class takes care of and grow several plants, some of which end up on your child's plate. Through your child's garden education students learn about the insects and animals that live in nature. The LLIP garden helps grow our community from our many volunteer garden days to the  many planting parties we have through the spring.

Family-style Dining

During lunch children and teachers share a family-style meal. This procedure is an important part of our curriculum in the area of social and emotional development, as children learn to share, take turns, and engage in appropriate conversation during their meals. Children sit down together and are able to pass the bowls of food to each other building class relations and enhancing the dining experience here at LLIP.