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Vision Statement

To collaborate with our students’ families and communities to foster a love of language, culture and learning that better equips them as accepting and informed global leaders of the next generation.

Mission Statement

Little Linguists International Preschool is a child-centric haven that utilizes language immersion and fun learning to develop children who are happy, culturally diverse, open-minded global thinkers and fervent learners.



Four Pillars of Little Linguists

Your child is the center of our holistic approach. They will be immersed in a nurturing language environment in order to develop confident, inquisitive, compassionate citizens of the world. We ask you to partner with us to create experiences that allow children  to connect with their world in organic ways that foster a love of; language and culture, healthy life choices, learning and exploring. This is done through our Four Pillars of Little Linguists.







School Readiness


Learning Experience

Your child  is free to rotate in and out of centers throughout the program day and engage with teachers and peers as they explore and inquire within the classroom environment. We use the Creative Curriculum for Infant, Toddlers, and Twos, and Creative Curriculum for Preschool as our core curriculum.  The Creative Curriculum is a play-based curriculum which blends some leading educational theories of Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Gardner. Implementing the Creative Curriculum entails organizing classrooms into a variety of play-based learning centers (Toys & Games, Discovery, Sand & Water, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Art, Cooking, & Library).

Supplementary Curricula that we employ are Handwriting Without Tears (ages 3 and older), Phonics Lessons by Fountas and Pinnell (Pre-K), and Calendar Math (Pre-K).

For Language Arts, we use the Phonics Lessons curriculum by Pinnell & Fountas, supported by the Raz Kids materials, as well the Handwriting Without Tears for handwriting.

These three curricula create a balanced approach to beginning language and literacy instruction. Phonics Lessons is a Language and Word Study Curriculum that guides students through purposeful mini-lessons in Early Literacy Concepts, Phonological Awareness, Letter Knowledge, Letter-Sound Relationships, Spelling Patterns, Word Meaning, Word Structure, and Word-Solving Strategies. When they are ready, The Bob Books Series is a perfect supplement to this enriching curriculum for our beginning readers.  Through Handwriting Without Tears, children follow a specific scope and sequence engage in multi-sensory handwriting activities that build fine motor skills and other important handwriting development skills.

For Math, we employ the Every Day Math® Calendar Math Curriculum. Calendar Math makes use of a daily calendar routine to introduce children to beginning math concepts including place value, measurement, and problem solving. Children enjoy interactive mini-lessons in whole group settings and games and activities with partners and small groups. 

Discipline Philosophy:  Positive Redirection

We believe in the use of choices within limits.  We do not believe in time out, or "thinking chairs" or any other punitive isolation.   We walk children through their choices and help them to make better choices, or to learn natural consequences.

Garden and Nutrition

We are what we eat, and we reap what we sow.  We provide only local and organic food, with none of the nasty trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup or other high sugar items.  Children learn early that we must care for our bodies and our earth.  Our children grow vegetables in our organic garden, and our families take them home to eat.